Adam and Eve

Therapeutic Misadventures

And so I sit to write. It was a Monday like all the rest. I dig back through my memory bank of the last 12 hours and search for the one moment that signifies how it was different and what I learned, or felt, or smiled about. The smiling moments are the ones I want to capture and hold in my glass jar. The jar I will open on New Year’s Eve.

He reached up to pat my hand as I rested it on his shoulder. His bones clad in the rough wool of a plaid shirt. His hand was like warm bath water, his gnarled fingers wrapped around, enveloping mine and he smiled. “Oh, your hands are so cold. Did you walk all the way from your home to here?” the depth of his accent told me he and his wife had been conversing in their romantic mix of languages and…

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The Skinny on Some Natural Cold Remedies


Let me first  start off by saying I am not a doctor but would like to just share with all of you what has been working for me when I come down with the icky, sicky cold symptoms.

No one ever likes to be sick or at least I hope not for that matter. For me personally, I go CRAZY when I am told I have to sit still and be a couch potato for a few days. It is very hard for me to sit still let alone feel unproductive.

So when I start feeling myself coming down with the oh so not fun cold symptoms, here are a few things I like to do to help alleviate and lessen a cold for kicking my butt.

 Hot Turmeric Water with Honey

turmericThis is a great, soothing elixir especially when you have a sore throat or cough. As mentioned on…

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Squid Ink Risotto with Scallops and Peas – Now you seafood, now you don’t.

One Man's Meat

Squid Ink Risotto (1 of 1)A long while ago, I cooked a squid risotto. That time, I carefully preserved the ink sacs to blacken the rice and to add some extra flavour. This time, I managed to buy a couple of sachets of squid ink. I was planning to do something very tasty to try to convince Eldest Daughter (ED) that not all shellfish and crustaceans are revolting. She was living with the memory of a bad shellfish experience and was pretty appalled by the thought of anything in or out of a shell. I had my work cut out.

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Detoxing Tips for the Post Holiday Season


After the holidays are done there are a few things people may see.

Busier gym parking lots, more people with a green juice in hand, or running down the street.

Everyone enters the mad dash to get back on a healthy track and possibly shed a few pounds if they feel they may have over indulged. If you are also looking to get back on track after this holiday season (I know I am) then here are a few easy tips to follow:

1. Drink Half Your Body Weight in H20

Starting your day off with some good ole’ H20 kick starts your metabolism and helps your digestive system work in a normal fashion. It is important to constantly stay hydrated, and by doing so, you will feel more alert and lively. Be sure to keep a water bottle at your desk, in your purse or work bag when on…

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The Importance of Panties, and Other Pre-op Concerns

Those Who Go Beneath the Surface

Our five year old daughter had surgery today. It was a highly necessary and highly routine tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and nasalscopy. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Upon entering the pre-op room, she became very emotional and teary. Her nerves were getting the best of her. She was scared and wanted her momma to snuggle her, which I readily obliged. Truth be told, my nerves were getting the best of me, as well. My baby, my little bean, was about to be cut up and yanked on from the throat. Ahhhh! Information overload…..

Anyhoo, the monkey began to relax a bit, and then came the “princess juice”, a drug powerful enough to cause hallucinatory effects in small children, as we would soon discover.

She first began to grow sleepy, little by little. Then suddenly, she slurrily asked me why I had a beard. A beard! And a dirty one, at that, according to the…

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