Cancer, Sexualized

Those Who Go Beneath the Surface

Save the Ta-Tas! I 💗 boobies! Squeeze your (insert round fruit or vegetable here)!


These are all commonly touted euphemisms referring to the very serious issue of breast cancer awareness and prevention. They are also completely inappropriate and highly sexualized, not to mention offensive.

Granted, these various campaigns have really helped to raise awareness of breast cancer and necessary preventive and detection methods, but at what cost?

First of all, these suggestions to “save”, “love”, and “squeeze” our breasts totally discount the actual women to whom said breasts are attached. The implication that the breasts are somehow more important than the woman is appalling.

Furthermore, the notion of “saving” a woman’s breasts, especially if cancer is present, is nearly impossible. Reconstruction is an option, as is choosing to forego reconstruction altogether. The trauma of a mastectomy is often amplified by treatment and further so by the reconstruction process, so it…

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