Falling, Back into the saddle…

Therapeutic Misadventures

The wind was blowing hard as we took off through the woods. Trees bent and snapped, saplings littered the trail. The horses were spooky and on high alert. On an open stretch I let Night go, she scrambled, sure-footed over the roots and rocks, gaining speed and covering the ground between Lauren and Blessing ahead of us. A small tree had come down across the trail. Night gauged her distance then darted left to take the higher point of the jump. In that split second, I was dislodged and lost my balance.

In slow motion, I struggled to stay upright, then gave in to gravity, thinking clearly the whole time about how to take this fall with the least amount of damage. As she landed, and relaunched into her stride, I slipped below, curling my limbs around my torso into a tight ball. The small of my back took theā€¦

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