The Importance of Panties, and Other Pre-op Concerns

Those Who Go Beneath the Surface

Our five year old daughter had surgery today. It was a highly necessary and highly routine tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and nasalscopy. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Upon entering the pre-op room, she became very emotional and teary. Her nerves were getting the best of her. She was scared and wanted her momma to snuggle her, which I readily obliged. Truth be told, my nerves were getting the best of me, as well. My baby, my little bean, was about to be cut up and yanked on from the throat. Ahhhh! Information overload…..

Anyhoo, the monkey began to relax a bit, and then came the “princess juice”, a drug powerful enough to cause hallucinatory effects in small children, as we would soon discover.

She first began to grow sleepy, little by little. Then suddenly, she slurrily asked me why I had a beard. A beard! And a dirty one, at that, according to the…

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