People on the Path of Life

Therapeutic Misadventures

I believe people are put in your path for a reason. Some are what my daughter calls “Single Serving” friends. They are there for a time and are no less important than those who last a lifetime.

This was brought home to me today in two very separate and unrelated scenarios.

Earlier this summer, I met Kim and Korey Snow. We were all “newbie” bee keepers. I wrote about our visit to their hive here. Yes, they had the volcanic hive that was a wonder to behold.

Recently, I saw they were opening an olive oil store in Peterborough, NH. I emailed that I was thrilled with the idea; my counter is lined bottles of infused olive oil and balsamic vinegars, my personal weakness in cooking. The store is opening on Friday, December 20th but Korey was kind enough to invite me in to learn more and photograph the…

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